Ryan & Mishelle

posted on Thursday, 07 21 2016
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The Beatles? haha

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First time I saw the groom’s father also cried during the bride’s entrance. So touching.

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Love is in the air! (or trees) :)

jaymayuga_RM_0938 jaymayuga_RM_0941

I met Ryan and Mishelle last July 2015 for their wedding preparation. I immediately noticed how funny and sweet they are by just talking to them for minutes. Thank you Ryan and Mishelle for trusting us to document your big day and letting us witness your love for each other, indeed LOVE is in the air! Your decision to continue the garden/open reception despite of the unpredictable weather paid off – It was a very romantic and lovely wedding.

Videography: Jake Olaso Wedding Films | Hair and Make-up: Muriel Vega Perez | Coordination: Kredin the event engineer | Hotel: Oakwood Hotel | Church: Santuario Del Sto. Cristo | Reception: Light of Love Events Place | Bridal Gown: Ivory and White | Entourage gowns and suits: De Asis Fashion House | Catering: Josiah’s Catering | Flower: KnK Moments and Flowers | Bridal Car: Don Roberts Bridal Car| Invites: Kenneth Uy Inivitation + Couple

Dennis and Celina

posted on Thursday, 06 23 2016
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Cavite, Philippines


jaymayuga_dennis_celina_009 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_013 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_005 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_015 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_001 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_018 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_020 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_003 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_006 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_002 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_008 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_011 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_010 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_014 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_019 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_017 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_016 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_026 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_022 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_024 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_023 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_004 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_012 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_007 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_021 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_025jaymayuga_dennis_celina_027 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_028 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_029 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_030 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_031 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_032 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_033 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_034 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_035 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_036 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_037 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_038 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_039 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_040 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_041 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_042 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_043 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_044 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_045 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_046 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_047 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_048 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_049jaymayuga_dennis_celina_051 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_050 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_052jaymayuga_dennis_celina_054 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_058 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_055 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_062 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_057 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_061 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_056 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_059 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_053 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_064jaymayuga_dennis_celina_071 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_064 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_073 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_065 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_072 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_067 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_066 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_069 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_068 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_070 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_074 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_075 jaymayuga_dennis_celina_063


My team and I were amazed on how simple yet very beautiful this wedding is. When we arrived, we saw the bride making her own bouquet. Then there’s their dog as the ring bearer, the wooden rings, Malong (veil), Mountaineer rope (cord) and other DIY stuff – very nice!

I remembered what the bride told me during her make-up session: “We really want a light and intimate wedding” – I believe you guys achieved it. Well done!

 Congratulations again Dennis and Celina, and thank you for the opportunity to witness this very special moment of your lives.

Venue & Catering: Balay Indang | Hair and Make-up: Syrel Lopez | Videography: Love Lab Studio | Rings: Bentwood Jewelry (Texas) | Cakes: Purple Oven | Lights and Sounds: John Siscar | Acoustic Singer: Nuna Esguerra | Band: Romeo Lee and the Brown Briefs | Official Beer: Sikatuna Craft Brewery | Everthing Else: Celina (bride)


Rainier + Mileth

posted on Sunday, 05 15 2016
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jaymayugajaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0005 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0001 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0006_2 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0004 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0002 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0018 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0007jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0003 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0006 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0008 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0011 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0016 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0010 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0012 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0013 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0014

That Bird!jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0015 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0017 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0020jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0060 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0021 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0022 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0023 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0024 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0025 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0028 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0027 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0029 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0026 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0030 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0031 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0032 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0033 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0035 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0036 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0034 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0037 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0038 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0039 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0042 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0041 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0040 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0043 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0044 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0045 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0046 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0047 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0048 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0050 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0052 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0053 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0055 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0057 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0056 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0058 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0051 jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0059jaymayuga_Nier_Mileth_0049

There are few people that I know who are patient and at the same time soft to speak – This couple is one of them. I remembered shooting their engagement session, it rained all day but they are the one who keep asking us if we are still ok. – such a nice couple, no wonder they found each other.

Though it rained again during their wedding day, it did not get in the way because they were enjoyable and pleasing to photograph.

Congratulations Rainier and Mileth!

Photographer: Jay Mayuga Photography | Videographer: Aisle1401 | Hair and Make-Up: CJ Jimenez | Host & Coordinator: Imbitado Events | Band: Madz and Dzhei Events Singer | Lights and Sounds: Elmer Bautista | Bridal Gown: Hal Princess Bridal Shoppe | Groom’s Tuxedo: Alton Lane, Dallas Texas | Cake: Tourist Cake Shop | Bridal Car: Don Robert’s Bridal Cars | Caterer: Ma Del’s Cuisine | Florist: Flowers of May | | Church: Chapel on the Hill


Capuno Family

posted on Friday, 05 13 2016
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IMG_2999 IMG_2991 IMG_3052 IMG_3028 IMG_3044 IMG_3132 IMG_3122 IMG_3100 IMG_3087 IMG_6647 IMG_6593 IMG_3199 IMG_3219 IMG_3171 IMG_6673 IMG_6678 IMG_6682 IMG_2976 IMG_3008 IMG_6638

Green shirts = PHP250.00 per piece

Gas to location = PHP800.00

Breakfast for the family = PHP1,600.00

Ticket from Italy to Philippines = PHPXX,XXX.XX

Family photos from 1st to 4th generation = PRICELESS.

Thank you Capuno family for choosing us for your family portrait. :)