Janze and Maan

posted on Friday, 07 21 2017
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IMG_6791 IMG_9801 IMG_0434 IMG_6783 IMG_3372 IMG_6529 IMG_0643 IMG_7179 IMG_7074 IMG_7176 IMG_71276 IMG_7115 IMG_7088 IMG_71553 IMG_7185 IMG_3462 IMG_7019 IMG_7069DCIM100MEDIADJI_0146.JPG IMG_7271 IMG_7223 IMG_0725 IMG_3615 IMG_7570 IMG_7593 IMG_7625 IMG_0784 IMG_3688 IMG_3708 IMG_7708 IMG_3721 IMG_3971 IMG_3701 copy IMG_3979 IMG_3703 IMG_3965 IMG_3976 IMG_7671 IMG_7704 IMG_7696 IMG_7717 IMG_3806 IMG_7762 copy IMG_7756 IMG_7802 IMG_7776 IMG_3873 IMG_3798 IMG_3840 IMG_7847 IMG_7870 IMG_7880 IMG_0932 copy IMG_0879 IMG_8043 IMG_7908 IMG_7941 IMG_7997 14 IMG_8021 IMG_8025 IMG_7978 IMG_1012 IMG_7992 IMG_7901 IMG_8056 16 IMG_1056 IMG_1061 IMG_1070 IMG_1076 IMG_3992 IMG_4053 IMG_8104 IMG_8175 IMG_8109 IMG_8221 IMG_8185 IMG_4056 IMG_8062
IMG_8233 IMG_8230 IMG_824220 IMG_1125 IMG_1168 IMG_4132 IMG_4139 IMG_8257 IMG_8269 IMG_9805IMG_8283 IMG_8321 IMG_4189 IMG_8334 IMG_4265 IMG_1308DCIM100MEDIADJI_0193.JPGIMG_1241 IMG_4317 IMG_4313 IMG_1511 IMG_1513 IMG_1197 IMG_1326 IMG_4636 IMG_4580 IMG_1421 IMG_4613 IMG_4642 IMG_4722 IMG_4381 IMG_4715 IMG_4327


Upon getting to the reception I said to myself: “Wow… Lord thank you… sobrang ganda (so beautiful)”

I love beach wedding… A lot… the romantic mood, the hanging incandescent lights, the sound of the waves reaching the shore, and the fact that you can wear your slippers and soak your feet in the sand hehe!

Congratulations Janze and Maan! Me and my team are blessed not only to have you as our client but to witness your beautiful and romantic wedding as well. God bless and see you again soon! Cheers!

Coordination: Solutions Events by Ana Tueres | Hair and Make-Up: Gio Flores | Quartet: Stradavarius String Ensemble | Bridal Gown: Ross Ann’s Burdahan | Bridal Shoes and Clutch: My Wedding Options | Maid of Honor and Flower Girls Dresses: Giselle Battad | Video: Jake Olaso Wedding Films | Photography: Jay Mayuga

Jomarc and Ayla – engagement session

posted on Thursday, 07 20 2017
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Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1514Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0047 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0126 2 IMG_9772 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0137 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0103 3 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0449 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0775 4 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0668 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0471 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0526 1 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1041 7 5 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1309 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1231 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1202Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1029 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0971 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0960 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_0957 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1203 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1315 6 9 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1417 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1412 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1413 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1358 8 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1646 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1534 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1607 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1367 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1461Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1443 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1697 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1668 Jomarc_Ayla_JayMayuga_1679


Photography: Jay Mayuga | Hair and Make-up: Terence Buenaventura | Styling: Rabbit Hole Creatives| Location: Versailles Palace Alabang

Luis XO Jet

posted on Tuesday, 06 20 2017
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8 IMG_9768 DJI_0118 IMG_9771 IMG_4719 IMG_9787 IMG_5284 IMG_5281 IMG_5322 IMG_0112 IMG_4743 IMG_0134 6 IMG_5416 IMG_0225 IMG_5432 IMG_0240 5 IMG_0249 IMG_0586 IMG_0256 IMG_0520 IMG_0267
IMG_0384 IMG_5511 IMG_5506 IMG_0437 IMG_0430 IMG_0416 IMG_0401 IMG_0434 3 IMG_5674 IMG_5613 IMG_5635 1 IMG_4709 IMG_4672 IMG_9770 IMG_9827 IMG_4627 DJI_0122 IMG_4667 IMG_9901 2 IMG_4926 IMG_4660 7 IMG_4831 IMG_4867 IMG_4837 IMG_4826 IMG_4856 IMG_4944 IMG_5003 IMG_5109 IMG_4961 IMG_4993 IMG_4958 IMG_5015 4
IMG_4954 IMG_4952 IMG_0483 IMG_0480 IMG_0478 IMG_5019 IMG_5780 IMG_5036 IMG_5091 IMG_5042 IMG_5074IMG_07319IMG_5528IMG_0681 IMG_5149 11IMG_5396
IMG_6007 IMG_5430 IMG_6022 IMG_5504 IMG_0789 IMG_6086 IMG_5457 IMG_5478 IMG_5483 IMG_5474 IMG_5408 IMG_6103IMG_6075 IMG_0819 IMG_0821IMG_1028 IMG_5656 IMG_5547 IMG_6162 IMG_5667 IMG_6188 IMG_6231 IMG_0927 IMG_0955 IMG_5522 IMG_0946 IMG_0919 IMG_1048 IMG_1070 IMG_6337 IMG_1065 IMG_1036 IMG_5735-1 IMG_5747 IMG_5755 IMG_5946 IMG_5787 IMG_5777 IMG_5759 IMG_6450 IMG_5791 IMG_5905 IMG_6442 IMG_5942 IMG_5981 IMG_1229 IMG_5999IMG_6086 IMG_6022 IMG_6042 IMG_6094 IMG_1267 IMG_1314 IMG_6019 IMG_6052 IMG_6113 IMG_6116 IMG_6040 IMG_6143 IMG_6107 IMG_6197 IMG_6026 IMG_6172 IMG_6135 IMG_1282 IMG_608913 15 IMG_1391 IMG_1395 IMG_6259 14 IMG_6258 IMG_6487 IMG_6554 IMG_1406IMG_6662 IMG_6640 IMG_1437 IMG_1412 IMG_1440 IMG_6271 IMG_1484 IMG_1479 IMG_6349 IMG_1541IMG_6746IMG_1548 IMG_1522 IMG_6707
IMG_1563 IMG_1664 IMG_1643 IMG_1641 IMG_1655 IMG_7008 IMG_7085 IMG_1778 IMG_1774IMG_1763 IMG_1750 IMG_6397IMG_6351 IMG_1813 IMG_1804 IMG_1797 IMG_1826IMG_6557



Photography: Jay Mayuga | Hair and Make-up: Muriel Vega Perez

Jomarc and Ayla

posted on Sunday, 03 26 2017
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Bride on her vows “I promise that despite the odds, I will always be proud of the 18 year-old boy I fell in love with”.

Here are photos from Jomarc and Ayla’s lovely and intimate wedding in Misibis.

Congratulations Jomarc and Ayla! Cheers!

IMG_9550IMG_8347 DJI_0172 1 IMG_8509 IMG_8794 IMG_8840 IMG_8845 IMG_8350 IMG_8828 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_0659 3 IMG_0566 IMG_9792 DJI_0174 IMG_0583 IMG_8369 IMG_8503 2 IMG_06017 8 9 IMG_8457 10 IMG_8437 12 11 IMG_8614 IMG_8626 IMG_8639 IMG_8995 IMG_8533IMG_0802 IMG_0742 IMG_0055 IMG_0813 4 IMG_8924 IMG_0838 IMG_8933 IMG_8899IMG_8673 IMG_9955 IMG_8758 IMG_8747 IMG_8963 IMG_9032 IMG_9060jaymayuga-0120 IMG_0868 IMG_8984 IMG_9048 IMG_0922 IMG_0907 IMG_8763DJI_0182 IMG_9083 IMG_0187 IMG_0359 IMG_032213 14 IMG_0978 IMG_0391 IMG_0939 IMG_9122 IMG_9089 IMG_9148 IMG_1038 IMG_9161 IMG_9150 IMG_9190IMG_9200 IMG_1220 IMG_0488 IMG_1143 IMG_1155 IMG_9212 IMG_9209 IMG_9284 15 IMG_1153 IMG_1087 IMG_6428 IMG_1317 IMG_9225IMG_1228 IMG_1235 IMG_0540 15 IMG_1272 IMG_1274 IMG_1239 IMG_9369IMG_9375 IMG_1313 IMG_9427 IMG_9422 IMG_9526 IMG_9534IMG_9676 IMG_1390 IMG_9617 IMG_9664 IMG_9612 IMG_9606 IMG_9610 IMG_9584 IMG_9572 IMG_9581 IMG_9564 IMG_9570 IMG_9562 IMG_1416 IMG_1400 IMG_1398 11617 IMG_0762 18 IMG_1427 IMG_1458 IMG_1433 IMG_1466 IMG_9686 IMG_9712 IMG_0795 IMG_0807 IMG_0835 IMG_9753IMG_1730 IMG_1476 IMG_1769 IMG_1929 IMG_1810 IMG_1727 IMG_9782 IMG_1150 IMG_9679 IMG_1952

Photography: Jay Mayuga | Videography: Mayad Studios | Coordinator: La Belle Fête Weddings & Events | Hair and Make-up: Terence Buenaventura | Bridal Gown: Veluz Reyes | Band: 3rd Avenue | Florist/Stylist: Amante Fleurs | Entourage Gowns: Mara Chua | Lights & Sound: JC Mina | Venue: Misibis, Albay, Philippines