Jayson + Rain

posted on Friday, 03 24 2017
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DJI_0249 IMG_4007 IMG_4147
1 IMG_5584

IMG_4154 IMG_4183 IMG_4193 IMG_4192 IMG_5626 IMG_4199

IMG_4242 IMG_5627

IMG_4264 IMG_5655 IMG_4290 IMG_5606 IMG_5635 IMG_4239 IMG_4254 IMG_4280 3IMG_4340 IMG_4405

IMG_4414 IMG_4331 IMG_4350 IMG_4375 IMG_4362 IMG_4389 IMG_4396 IMG_4422IMG_5692 IMG_4460 IMG_5709 IMG_4466 DJI_0255


Fun, Jolly and Lovely – That is how I will described these two. We arrived tired in Anawangin cove due to early departure from Manila and waves of the sea, but the joy and romance of this couple was simply amazing, their smile is contagious, which makes the documenting process fun and easy. Congratulations to you newly wed Reyeses – Jayson and Rain! God bless!





California 2017

posted on Tuesday, 03 07 2017
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Had the chance to visit California for the first time! Thank you Lord Jesus for these blessings. Thank you Elyne Villamor of Sorrelle Isles Film Co. for the opportunity to shoot a wedding and engagement session here. Big thanks to Kristopher, Angel, Tita Jane, Tito Rico, Tita Marie and Tito Boy for the warm welcome and letting us stay in your respective homes. Nice to meet and work with you Jeff Toledo. Here are some of my chosen photos during my stay.


Feb 13-March 1, 2017

IMG_9009IMG_9147 IMG_3492 IMG_3495 IMG_3514 IMG_3516 IMG_3528 IMG_3530 IMG_3582 IMG_3584 IMG_3601 IMG_3614 IMG_3620 IMG_3626 IMG_3635 IMG_3638 IMG_3649 IMG_3652 IMG_3683 IMG_3690 IMG_3695 IMG_3696 IMG_3699 IMG_3700 IMG_3718 IMG_3720 IMG_3722 IMG_3725 IMG_3729 IMG_3733 IMG_3738 IMG_3745 IMG_3756 IMG_3757 IMG_3759 IMG_3761IMG_3485 IMG_3785 IMG_3788 IMG_3798 XT2J1070 XT2J1071 XT2J1076 XT2J3379 XT2J3404 XT2J3463 XT2J3507 XT2J3545 XT2J3556 XT2J3562 XT2J3566 XT2J3569 XT2J3573 XT2J3577 XT2J3581 XT2J3618 XT2J3632 XT2J3634 XT2J3637 XT2J3640 XT2J3641 XT2J3642 XT2J8821 XT2J8833 XT2J8835 XT2J8836 XT2J8838 XT2J8879 XT2J8887 XT2J8894 XT2J8906 XT2J8910 XT2J8959 XT2J8977 XT2J8993 XT2J9003 XT2J9006 XT2J9011 XT2J9019 XT2J9020 XT2J9065 XT2J9067 XT2J9071 XT2J9166 XT2J9169 XT2J9174 XT2J9178 XT2J9198 XT2J9232 XT2J9243 XT2J9247





Ryan + Karen

posted on Wednesday, 08 31 2016
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jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0026 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0055 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0388 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0400

Toro the corgi fox!jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0420 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0403 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0411 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0335 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0064 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0060

Beautiful home

jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0011-3 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0435 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0446 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0445 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0305 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0451 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0453jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0463 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0425 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0432 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0409 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0044 Untitled2 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0094 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0034 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0115 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0144 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0138 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0124 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0151 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0162 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0013 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0020 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0318jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0140 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0127 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0174 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0188 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0197 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0211 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0262 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0057

“for better or for worse”

jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0012 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0251 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0218 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0221 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0268 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0080 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0291 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0288jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0295 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0299 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0359 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0010 Untitled jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0314jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0468 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0499 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0470 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0480 Untitled jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0528 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0547 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0484 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0550 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0551 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0554 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0555 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0573 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0587 Untitled2 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0502 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0593 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0606jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0498 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0607 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0482 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0621 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0627 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0555 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0649 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0658 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0655 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0666 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0638 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0676 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0634 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0668 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0664 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0653 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0635 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0647jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0469 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0485 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0499 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0501 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0519jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0506 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0584jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0522 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0551 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0575 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0525 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0545 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0594 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0590 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0533 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0584-1 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0590-1 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0582 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0599 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0597 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0601 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0563jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0618 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0613 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0642 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0639 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0634 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0622 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0700 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0697 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0609 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0644 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0699 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0857 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0860 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0668 copy jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0669 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0763 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0720 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0725 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0733 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0766jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0839 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0840 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0764 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0887jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0876 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0852 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0862 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0879

Karen at the last part of her speech about Ryan: “I love this man! I love this man!”

jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0869 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0895-1_1 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0632 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0631 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0791 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0620 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0625 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0790 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0628 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0629 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0830 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0833 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0831 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0878
jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0751 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0755 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0931 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0930 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0919 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0616 jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0711 jaymayuga jaymayuga_Ryan_Karen_0902

We had a blast shooting this wedding. Preparation was done in couple’s home, which is amazing! – modern and minimalist. Finally I was able to meet – Toro the corgi fox, who’s quite shy posing to our cameras. Nice weather + Relax environment + Romantic reception + Great food + 2 people deeply in love. Again, amazing. Thank you Lord Jesus for this opportunity to witness and document another love story.

Congratulations Ryan and Karen! You are indeed blessed for having a lot of beautiful and talented friends and relatives who support you. Thank you for trusting our craft. Cheers!

Venue – NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge | Event Styling – Gab San Agustin / AdWolf | Coordination: Cat Aldeon | Groom Attire – JE&Co. | Bridal Gown – Roxy Nagano Dizon | Bride and Entourage Bouquets – Dangwa florist | Hair and Make Up – Jopie Sanchez | Cake: Paul Zamora of Baci | Photography: Jay Mayuga | Photo Booth: Jay Mayuga Photo Booth (styling of backdrop by Gab San Agustin / AdWolf)


Kalanggaman 2017

posted on Sunday, 08 28 2016
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Kalanggaman Island, Leyte, Philippines

March 4-5, 2017

XT2J3692 XT2J3724 XT2J3726 XT2J3740 XT2J3745 XT2J3753 XT2J3757 XT2J3762 XT2J3774 XT2J3784 XT2J3793 XT2J3794 XT2J3816 XT2J3831 XT2J3854 XT2J3857 XT2J3861 XT2J3873 XT2J3875 XT2J3884 XT2J3903 XT2J3913 XT2J3930 XT2J3945 XT2J3957 XT2J3997 XT2J4026 XT2J4044 XT2J4053 XT2J4055 XT2J4068 XT2J4069 XT2J4076 XT2J4078 XT2J4082 XT2J4094 XT2J4096 XT2J4099 XT2J4100