posted on Sunday, 03 23 2014
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March 14 – 16 , 2014

Last March 13 my mom and her twin sister celebrated their 62nd birthday. I can still remember last time we went here with them (my aunt’s family) was 15 years ago, and it was very cold that time that me and my cousins are pretending we are using cigars due to smoke that coming out of our mouth as we are talking. Here are some of the images I took during the said vacation. Thank you Lord for the good weather and protection during this trip. GOD bless and happy weekend everyone!


IMG_5713 IMG_5742 IMG_5747 IMG_5761 IMG_5770 IMG_5772 IMG_5787 IMG_5783 IMG_5794 IMG_5846 IMG_5841 IMG_5853 IMG_5877 IMG_5879 IMG_5906 IMG_5907 IMG_5992 IMG_5995 IMG_5963 IMG_5953IMG_5884 IMG_6020

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