Calvin Loyd Narval – “Calvs”

Calvin’s introduction to photography is a funny accident. He is originally a photo booth operator when one day Jay’s regular shooter failed to show up due to sickness, and Calvin was put in charge to take the groom’s reaction during the processional wedding march. It is his first time using a DSLR and he did a great job, which awakens his gift in taking photos. It lead to an opportunity to take images of different events and eventually became a professional photographer.

Camera Gear – Fujifilm XT2, Fujifilm XE1




Aldrin Valencerina - ”Aldrin”

Started as a hobbyist, Aldrin transitioned into events photography in 2012 when his friend invited him to a wedding. That’s the time he realized that he likes capturing those kinds of moments.

Camera Gear – Canon 6D





Marvin Mangaoil Puquiz – “Vin”

Marvin started using his first DSLR in 2012. He ventured into landscape photography with his photographer friends and was introduced to wedding and portraits when his colleague asked for help in need of an extra shooter. Marvin’s burning passion in learning more and developing his craft is one of the reasons why he is one of the senior photographers in this team.

Camera Gear – Sony A7II




Ton Figures – “Ton”

Fujifilm XT1, Sony A7