Mervin and Ann

posted on Tuesday, 11 28 2017
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I was taking a photo of my friend in Boracay and noticed a group of people having fun near us. They were all lying on the shore, enjoying the waves and beautiful sunset. I don’t normally take photos of other people especially strangers, but for some reason I decided to walk towards them and took a quick group shot.

Group of Friends: “Sir, how can we get our photos?”

Me: “hmmmm… you can add me in facebook so I can send your photos”

A year passed by and a couple from that group reached me to cover their wedding. Who would have thought that taking an effortless group photo would lead to a wedding client and new friends! Amazing! You really have no idea who God will put on your path for you to bless or to bless you. 

Congratulations Mervin and Ann! It was very nice to see you again guys! Enjoy! Cheers!

Photography: Jay Mayuga | Video: Cupcake Cinema | Hair and Make up: Anne Garcia
Preparation Venue: LeBlanc | Reception Venue: The Mango Farm | Church - Iglesia ni Cristo – Locale of EGM

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