Jomarc and Ayla

posted on Sunday, 07 23 2017
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Bride on her vows “I promise that despite the odds, I will always be proud of the 18 year-old boy I fell in love with”.

Here are photos from Jomarc and Ayla’s lovely and intimate wedding in Misibis.

Congratulations Jomarc and Ayla! Cheers!

IMG_9550IMG_8347 DJI_0172 1 IMG_8509 IMG_8794 IMG_8840 IMG_8845 IMG_8350 IMG_8828 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_0659 3 IMG_0566 IMG_9792 DJI_0174 IMG_0583 IMG_8369 IMG_8503 2 IMG_06017 8 9 IMG_8457 10 IMG_8437 12 11 IMG_8614 IMG_8626 IMG_8639 IMG_8995 IMG_8533IMG_0802 IMG_0742 IMG_0055 IMG_0813 4 IMG_8924 IMG_0838 IMG_8933 IMG_8899IMG_8673 IMG_9955 IMG_8758 IMG_8747 IMG_8963 IMG_9032 IMG_9060jaymayuga-0120 IMG_0868 IMG_8984 IMG_9048 IMG_0922 IMG_0907 IMG_8763DJI_0182 IMG_9083 IMG_0187 IMG_0359 IMG_032213 14 IMG_0978 IMG_0391 IMG_0939 IMG_9122 IMG_9089 IMG_9148 IMG_1038 IMG_9161 IMG_9150 IMG_9190IMG_9200 IMG_1220 IMG_0488 IMG_1143 IMG_1155 IMG_9212 IMG_9209 IMG_9284 15 IMG_1153 IMG_1087 IMG_6428 IMG_1317 IMG_9225IMG_1228 IMG_1235 IMG_0540 15 IMG_1272 IMG_1274 IMG_1239 IMG_9369IMG_9375 IMG_1313 IMG_9427 IMG_9422 IMG_9526 IMG_9534IMG_9676 IMG_1390 IMG_9617 IMG_9664 IMG_9612 IMG_9606 IMG_9610 IMG_9584 IMG_9572 IMG_9581 IMG_9564 IMG_9570 IMG_9562 IMG_1416 IMG_1400 IMG_1398 11617 IMG_0762 18 IMG_1427 IMG_1458 IMG_1433 IMG_1466 IMG_9686 IMG_9712 IMG_0795 IMG_0807 IMG_0835 IMG_9753IMG_1730 IMG_1476 IMG_1769 IMG_1929 IMG_1810 IMG_1727 IMG_9782 IMG_1150 IMG_9679 IMG_1952

Photography: Jay Mayuga | Videography: Mayad Studios | Coordinator: La Belle FĂȘte Weddings & Events | Hair and Make-up: Terence Buenaventura | Bridal Gown: Veluz Reyes | Band: 3rd Avenue | Florist/Stylist: Amante Fleurs | Entourage Gowns: Mara Chua | Lights & Sound: JC Mina | Venue: Misibis, Albay, Philippines

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