Ryan & Mishelle

posted on Thursday, 07 21 2016
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The Beatles? haha

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First time I saw the groom’s father also cried during the bride’s entrance. So touching.

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Love is in the air! (or trees) :)

jaymayuga_RM_0938 jaymayuga_RM_0941

I met Ryan and Mishelle last July 2015 for their wedding preparation. I immediately noticed how funny and sweet they are by just talking to them for minutes. Thank you Ryan and Mishelle for trusting us to document your big day and letting us witness your love for each other, indeed LOVE is in the air! Your decision to continue the garden/open reception despite of the unpredictable weather paid off – It was a very romantic and lovely wedding.

Videography: Jake Olaso Wedding Films | Hair and Make-up: Muriel Vega Perez | Coordination: Kredin the event engineer | Hotel: Oakwood Hotel | Church: Santuario Del Sto. Cristo | Reception: Light of Love Events Place | Bridal Gown: Ivory and White | Entourage gowns and suits: De Asis Fashion House | Catering: Josiah’s Catering | Flower: KnK Moments and Flowers | Bridal Car: Don Roberts Bridal Car| Invites: Kenneth Uy Inivitation + Couple

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